Libro Bilingues que Amamos

Nina, The Neighborhood Ninja is a story about bravery and inner strength. At its core there’s a girl who truly believes she has the power to make a difference in the world. Kids (and adults) today might feel overwhelmed by the negativity in that comes through TV and social media. Nina comes to remind us we can impact the world by doing the right thing for our community. (English language book)


We love new bilingual takes on old-fashioned fairy tales. La Princesa and The Pea, does it wonderfully, with very expressive and colorful illustrations, which capture the emblematic culture of Peru. Written in lyric form, the words easily flow in English and frame the key words, in Spanish, madre, brazos, boca, roca, guisante. A rhythmic way to ease children into a second language!


Let’s Cook Spanish, A Family Cook Book/ Recetas para Toda la Familia. A fun way of letting kids interact with another language. Together, you can search for ingredients, make and tastes new dishes, and engage with a different culture, from your own kitchen and dinner table.


Growing Up With Tamales/ Los Tamales de Ana. This bilingual (English/Spanish) book celebrates family tradition. Every member of the family gets involved in the process of making tamales. Told from the perspective of Ana, a six-year-old, it shows her perspective about this tradition, the role she and others play in it and the value that she gets from spending quality time with her family.


Veo la Primavera! I See Spring! is a colorful and multilingual book for beginning readers. Families can share and explore together the wonders of spring, talk about the seasons, and practice paying attention to the world around us. How are our surroundings different from one season to the next? Do we experience the seasons differently from other places around the world?


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Call me Tree! Llamame Arbol is an empowering story of self-discovery. Written in short bursts of lyric entangled with colorful full page illustrations, it is easy and entertaining for beginners. The story embraces diversity and the importance of growing into oneself, as part of nature. This book is fully bilingual and includes extra reading materials.


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An Abuela and her granddaughter have a special connection, a special language all their own. This wonderful story explores the beauty and magic of this relationship, and the impact older people can have when it comes to building the core beliefs and imagination of the next generations. (English with Spanish expressions)


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Appearances can be deceiving, but sometimes they can be quite accurate. As people mix and mingle with other cultures, the results are quite beautiful. Being of mixed race and multicultural is part of being a global citizen. Children like Marisol McDonald break with limited perspectives and misconceptions. In her story, she is authentic and creative. She shows herself just the way she is and shows us how.


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What best way to remember that a familiar story can be told in multiple ways. This month, why not read La Cenicienta*, written in 1926 by the poetic pen of author Gabriela Mistral. This lovely book is in Spanish and it’s only available in hardcover, but the investment would surely be cherished for a lifetime.



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