Traveling as a Bilingual Opportunity

Traveling is a great opportunity to engage with a second language at every turn. I was reminded of this on a recent trip, when I read a very similar sign to the one below. Amid the rush of going through security check points, reaching your gate in time and finding comfort and peace of mind in … Continue reading Traveling as a Bilingual Opportunity


Diverse Reading List From YMA

The Youth Media Awards were held recently at the midwinter meeting of the American Library Association, in Atlanta GA. Looking thru the list of nominees and winners, shared by SLJ, we were glad to see diverse books about people and experiences from all over the world. Some caught our attention and deserve our praise for … Continue reading Diverse Reading List From YMA

Gratitude As An Opportunity

How can a simple writing activity encourage more emotional awareness and positive social interactions? Gratitude is the quality of being thankful and the readiness to show appreciation for kindness. You show this appreciation by your words and actions. And what best way to integrate both than by writing a Thank You Note? Gratitude then is … Continue reading Gratitude As An Opportunity