El Estante de Simona

It all began with Simona. The stories below spring from one of these core experiences, memories and lessons. Because, there’s always something to learn from each adventure.

Todo comenzo con Simona. Cada uno de estos cuentos surge de una de estas experiencias, recuerdos y lecciones centrales. Porque, siempre hay algo que aprender de cada aventura.

La Nueva Aventura de Simona (Simona’s New Adventure)

Core Experience: Moving away.

Core Memory: Living wit family to a new country, becoming an immigrant.

Core Lesson: Our memories are the most important thing that we take with us, no matter where we go. They give us strength to face new challenges. Facing change is a challenge. Change is good, and through change we grow.

El Nuevo Tesoro de Simona (Simona’s New Treasure)

Core Experience: Knowing your neighborhood or city.

Core Memory: Visiting the Public Library.

Core Lesson: The place where we live hides the treasures that fill our heart. By getting to know your city you’ll get to know the people and places, and you’ll find your place in them. By visiting them you show you care, and one place that we should care for the most is our library. We should be grateful for all the treasures that are kept inside.

Sebastián, el Gran Campeón (Sebastian, the Great Champion)

Core Experience: Focusing all your energy in an “impossible” dream or goal.

Core Memory: Being rejected for being different.

Core Lesson: Our differences are our strengths. Your can find a way to make your dreams come true, if you trust in yourself and have a support system in friends and family. You can reach your goals by being creative and learn something about yourself in the process. When you have a chance to be kind and generous, be the kind of person that you would like to meet out in the world.