Everybody seems to have an opinion surrounding bilingualism or multilingualism.

Does anybody really need convincing?

Does anybody really have an excuse anymore?

Would anybody really have an issue with any of the known benefits of knowing at the very least the basics of another language?

We who have seen first handed all its benefits in action cannot but encourage the spread of multilingualism in our homes, schools and communities. Yet, there are others who still doubt. We must be tolerant. It’s our responsibility to wave the white flag of knowledge and dispel with our actions their limiting beliefs.

Here’re 4 simple reasons to engage with a second language you can gift them:

1. It expands your frame of reference.

A second language makes your world larger and wider. Engaging with another language makes you rediscover the vocabulary you already have, adds new vocabulary to your repertoire, which in turn means greater verbal ability, and stronger communication skills.

2. It builds a healthier brain.

The brain thrives with new challenges. As we discover a new language and learn new vocabulary, our brains are actively making new connections. Learning a new language gives our brains the exercise it needs to fight off cognitive diseases, stay flexible, adaptable and youthful.

3. It enables you to reach other cultures or places from home.

There’s no doubt traveling to other countries, visiting other cities and engaging with other cultures is life-changing. However, it’s not always within our reach. Language learning is a way to start bridging the gap between you and your dream destination. A less expensive and more expedite way to reach the places you want to go and experience its cultural nuances through the language spoken there.

4. It enhances our capacity to feel compassion, empathy and understanding.

When we learn a language we are better able to absorb the social and political nuances of the history of that country, region and people. We are exposed, if only a little and from afar, to the complexities of life in another, city, another culture and region of the world.

Those who are working hard to learn our language are doing the same. When we meet them half way, we build intangible bridges.

Have another reason to add to the list? Share it below!



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