Here we go again. The school bells have rung, the new school year has begun.

Whether your kids go to a traditional school, a new-age school or are being home-schooled, reading goals are not (and should not) be restricted to “school”. Reading is a life-enriching activity, one that goes farther than the classroom, school, tests, scores and standards.

At home, we should be ready to provide opportunities that empower our kids with meaningful reading goals of their own. Our kids can see this in action by the simple act of sitting down, as a family. Kids and adults should participate, contribute and ask some of these questions, to spark conversation:

  • What am I curious to find out more about this year? What would I love to learn more about? (non-fictional or fictional subject)
  • Am I ready to try chapter books by myself? Am I ready to read by myself? Am I ready for a completely new genre?
  • What’s my favorite fictional character up to? What’s his/her latest story/book/comic? What new books have come out about the life of my favorite historical figure?
  • When is the best time for me to sit down to read? At what time do I read best? What would make my reading time more pleasant?
  • Where is the best/most comfortable place to read? Where’s my reading corner?

When reading goals are set as a family, both kids and adults benefit. Setting, encouraging one another and reaching our reading goals together, is a wonderful way to create new connections around reading, learning and making new discoveries.

Here are our top 5 ideas for setting meaningful family reading goals:

  1. The Family Book Club
  2. Reading Timer
  3. Reading Map
  4. Story Share Time
  5. Research Lab

Let’s dive deeper into each idea, one by one….(to be continued)

What are some of your family’s reading goals for this year?




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