Here, at the Bilingual Reading Blog, we support and encourage bilingualism in all its possible combinations.

It’s not about the supremacy of one second language over another. It’s about the opportunities for cognitive development and human interaction, which expand exponentially when you learn, practice and teach another language.

Our mother tongue should only be the beginning. A wonderful foundation. Special, because it connects us to people, places and events in our early lives. The combination of English and Spanish, that we explore in this site, comes from the simple fact that those form the basis of my own bilingual journey.

But there’s a third language I love, and want to integrate more deeply into my life. A third language, that in my humble opinion, could be organically learned, supported by the knowledge of the first two. That third language is French.

French is, along with English, the language of global diplomacy. International agencies, such as the UN and UNESCO use French as their second official language. 

According to some internet sources, up to 45% of English words have french origins. And belonging to the same family of romance language means French has many similarities with Spanish vocabulary and grammar as well.

If you are interested in exploring French, I highly recommend a recent digital language learning discovery “Il etait une histoire“, (Erase un cuento/ There was a story). This interactive website, made for young french readers and their teachers, is a perfect tool for the curious language learner. It’s a vault of short stories, legends, poems and songs, and it offers different ways to explore the texts, engage with audio and challenge your comprehension with extra resources and activities.

For the reasons above, French is our third language of choice. But with over 7,000 living languages around the world, it’s certainly not the only one!

What third language would you like to explore?



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