A fair where, books, literature and reading are the main attraction…Sign us up! Readers and writers converging outside their separate corners and celebrating the power of creativity…We are there!

Book fairs take books out of their usual displays and familiar settings and into the world. In book fairs, you not only connect with books, but with the people who make them, write them, craft them.

Book fairs are a great, informal opportunity to connect authors with their readers. From behind that little table, or stand, the author becomes a real person. With the power of a single smile, and a kind word, the author can turn a readers’ life around, and vise versa.

Book fairs are family activities. A wonderful way to interact with our children, share memories and find new treasures together.

Book fairs are cultural events. Artists perform for small groups, sing songs that fill the air with music, while others engage in the time-tested tradition of story-telling.

Book fairs are educational events. Speakers are invited to share their experiences, talk about their books, their craft, the process, and the tools they use. They may give a talk about the message or central topic of a particular book, the research or the way they went about writing it. These talks inspire and motivate kids and adults. These talks are fertile ground to learn about a subject, a period in history, a particular work or the ins and outs of a writer’s life.

All over the world, book fairs are being held, year round. Connect with your local library or book store to be in the know for your next local event, and pin it to that family calendar 🙂



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