World Read Aloud Day is around the corner. On February 16th readers around the world will be speaking up and sharing stories. What better way to connect as humans? what better way to pass on the experience of reading as something that goes beyond ourselves?

We love reading quietly in a corner. We love our reading nooks, our cozy chairs, maybe a blanket to keep us warm, a friend to keep us company. Many shy away from reading aloud in public, for fear of being laugh at, for lack of confidence in their own reading ability.

Reading aloud is the way to improve not just our reading skills, but our communication skills and verbal skills as a whole.

When we read aloud we must connect to what we are reading, the words and message, connect to who is listening, our audience, use our whole bodies to express actions and emotions, our gestures and movements. It’s a truly magical experience.

The question is not why read aloud, the question is why not? There are many simple books and stories to start. And there’s one day during the year when we can do it together!

#WRAD17 is a initiative that connects readers, schools and organizations. This year, we’ll converge from our different and faraway locations on February 16th, to read.

To join as teaching staff or as a family is as easy as grabbing your favorite bilingual book and reading to your kids at school, at home, in the park or at the beach, via Skype or video.

So, why are we reading aloud? Because is another opportunity to connect as humans, use our imagination, our words, our bodies, create memories and build relationships!



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