The world is witnessing a historic moment. The social fabric of America is being torn, top to bottom; by confusing messages, “alternative facts”, toxic rhetoric, and everything in between. A country that many once held as a self-realized utopia is currently being pushed backwards, at a supersonic pace, stumbling on the same obstacles we thought long overcome.

As bilingual educators we can do so much. We’ve been working hard to make diversity a part of our classrooms, and schools. We’ve created spaces for inclusion, empathy and understanding.

Now, more than ever, the bilingual teacher has to step up her game. Now, more than ever, we must be a source of solace, and a model of respect. We must be patient with our students and their own struggles to make sense of this new reality. And we must convince them they can change it.

Our bilingual classroom should always be:

  • a neutral space for open discussion.
  • a safe space to ask questions and solicit advice from our friends.
  • an inclusive space, where everybody is welcomed and respected.
  • a collective, where ideas are shared and where anybody feels he can make a difference.

What makes your classroom a uniquely diverse space? Share #teachingbilingual



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