How can a simple writing activity encourage more emotional awareness and positive social interactions?

Gratitude is the quality of being thankful and the readiness to show appreciation for kindness. You show this appreciation by your words and actions. And what best way to integrate both than by writing a Thank You Note?

Gratitude then is an opportunity to practice writing with heartfelt intentions, and turns the activity into a practice that uses writing as a self-assessing tool to guide your child’s emotional intelligence. Also, provides a great opportunity to openly discuss his emotions with you, and reflect on what something or someone made them feel.

Emotional Intelligence is the result of being aware of our emotions and the emotions of those around us. The simple gesture of a Thank You Note can make the practice of being connected with our emotions, as well as recognize and understand the emotions of others, a something tangible and achievable. Giving a Thank You Note connects your child with the world, with something greater than himself and with the person he’s giving the note to.

This might be a teacher, a caregiver, a friend. The important this is for your child to be aware that we depend on one another, and that even the simplest things that other people may do for us do make a great impact in our life. Giving thanks is the best way to further positive social interaction and plant the seed of gratitude wherever we go.

The Thank You Note

Is a brief message written on a piece of paper, of any color or shape.

The brevity of the message is what makes this activity a great first step into the writing to reading dynamic we talked about before. It is easy enough to entice reluctant writers/readers and works on multiple levels.

Have you written or received a Thank You Note Lately? You can see a recent one I got on the Simona Pinterest board!



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